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About Bali Driver - Tour Guide

:::: I started showing people around Bali in the age of sixteenth years old on a part time basis as I was still a high school student. I found the job was very interesting and it made me missed some of my classes. Helping my family income was one of the reason but not the primarily one. Meeting and
talking with people from different countries with their distinctive culture and way of living always fascinating me. Able to share the beauty and uniqueness of Balinese nature and culture always make me proud.
your bali driver - tour guide.
your bali driver - tour guide.

::::My greater interest in tourism encourage me to study it more formally in a tourism college. During and after my study in the college I have spent my time to work either as a trainee, part timer or permanent staff in several establishments like five - star hotels , foreign airline and a dot com company. However, my activities to driving and showing people to the real Bali never stop except during my three months overseas trip. Amongst those job experiences, I find a job as a driver and a guide to see and experience the deeper part of Bali is more enjoyable as I have more chances to personally getting around with people from various geographic, culture and intellectual background.

Contact Details of your Bali Driver - Tour Guide

:::: People call me Putu but there are million of people named Putu in Bali, therefore you will need to know my complete name. Its is Putu Arnawa and below is my contact address in case I can be in any assistance to help you exploring Bali.
phone: 62-361-976597
mobile: 08123608079
permanent address: Tanggayuda, Kedewatan, Ubud 80571, Bali, Indonesia
mailing address: c/o Ni Gusti Ketut Sari, Ananda Cottage, Campuhan, Ubud 80571, Bali, Indonesia
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